Church Towne Gas & Welding Supply currently serve customers with propane gas to both industrial and residential use, with both delivery and and walk in service. We fill cylinders on site, and can also offer bulk tanks for use. Tanks between 20lbs and 1000 gallons are available for purchase, lease and/or fill. Please inquire about our services.
  • Filled on Site/Delivered by truck:
    20lb (Gas grill)
    33lb Tow motor tanks
    Install and Fill on location:
    420lb (100 Gallon)
    330 Gallon
    500 Gallon
    1000 Gallon
    1850 Gallon


We specialize in providing gas and service for tow motor and cutting torch use. If you're interested in a quote please contact us, we can work out a delivery plan and price to meet your needs. Cylinder cages are available.